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business development is revenue development

Developing the price structure and
product architecture of a highly purpose
driven business

Some key results of our collaboration


more online leads than before the collaboration. Leads come in on a daily basis


the generated leads, equal to over 20x the money invested in the optimization

Client Base Expansion

Starting out as a local business, IZB now has new customers from all over Germany


The head of IZB has appeared as an expert on Radio and TV for the first time since we worked together

The customer

IZB was originally a local business that provides life changing career counselling.

IZB‘s work is all about uncovering the true wants and needs of their coachees, restoring their faith in their true potential, and aligning these new insights with a career that fits the coachee’s lifestyle.

IZB‘s clients range from students who are searching for their dream job to experienced professionals who want to reorientate.

The challenge

The “Institut zur Berufswahl” (IZB) distinguishes itself with a deeply personal and individual approach, which is the basis for their success. At the same time, they wanted to scale their business.

One challenge was to make sure the heart of the business remained intact while key performance metrics develop drastically.

A second challenge was the very different target audiences, which both had to feel seen and addressed by the same story and branding. To assure the quality of the customer experience and the results, it was necessary to work on both the internal processes as well as the outer appearance and the value proposition that is made to potential customers.

So we worked with IZB on the following areas:

architecture &

Branding &

Traffic & Lead

Digitalization of
internal processes

Selection of Projects

Branding & Positioning

The branding was the basis for any further business development because it had to catch the customers interest and give a good first impression of the unique approach and value offered.

It needed to represent the vision of the founder and showcase the immense potential, strength, and clarity within every coachee that simply needs to be uncovered.

Creating the branding meant so much more than “only” designing a logo. We needed to find the story that kicks off a whole mental journey. Possible clients needed to see their own potential.

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So we:

  • The hero story: The core of the branding was the “hero story“. Everyone was once a child with hopes and dreams, so we positioned IZB as the place people can reconnect to that energy.
  • Pictures and colours: We carefully selected the imagery and colours according to the goal to help people rediscover their inner child, ambitions, and courage to act.
  • The logo represents the growth and potential that lies in the coachees and the process, which is called hero-process, that IZB provides.

Product & Pricing

We are totally convinced of the value IZB is offering its clients. To help this value increase the revenue stream, we worked with IZB on crafting the right packages and how to present them:

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Low-barrier offers:

  • Free first orientation call
  • Option to contact IZB via WhatsApp
  • Money-back-guarantee

Help the clients understand what value they are getting:

  • Clearly defined packages
  • Clarified and improved presentation of IZB‘s advantages
  • Nicely designed process to show the quality, depth, and sound structure of the offer
  • Positioning IZB as experts by showing off their media coverage
  • Showing the quality of IZB‘s work by integrating testimonials from actual customers
Additional target groups:
  • Online consultation to reach clients all over the DACH region
  • Possibility to buy a consultation voucher, so grandparents or friends can give it as a gift, for example


  • The newly structured packages have already generated leads worth 20x the initial investment in the improvement
  • In addition IZB could realize an increase of its prices without a decreasing demand
  • As a result, also IZB‘s revenue increased

Website & Lead-

To ensure the branding and newly aligned product structure paid off, we designed a website that makes it simple to both become convinced and get in touch:

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So We:
  • Adaptation of the images & language to the different target groups page by page, all while staying within the hero-story-theme
  • Design of dynamic icons to underline the ease and fun connected to the proposed process
  • Positioning IZB‘s founder as an expert by showing off his media coverage
  • Implementation of an easy-to-use lead generation tool
  • Development of an online booking tool

Client Base Expansion

To grow the potential client base, IZB wanted to be present in different big cities in Germany.

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So We:
  • After a thorough analysis, together with IZB we defined 13 cities to target
  • Based on a series of tests we developed and optimized 13 landing pages to succeed also in SEO rankings
  • The landing pages are all designed and written specifically for the local client base


  • Top 5: 85% of the cities rank in the top 5
  • Top 10: 100% of the cities rank in the top 10

Digitalisation & Internal Processes

While IZB wanted more customers, they also wanted to make sure their personal and very individual approach remained. This made it necessary to digitalize and bring their internal processes to the next level:

5 / 5
This is what we did:
  • Integration of a high performance lead generation tool: it pre-qualifies the leads according to their needs and helps IZB to follow up with them very individually without transferring data manually
  • Implementation of an easy-to-use and fun booking tool that simplifies further client contact and streamlines the processes of invoicing

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