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Integrated services for an integrated specialist

Empowering a middle sized international company to orientate their online activities from

awarenessto  selling

Some key results of our collaboration


more keywords ranking on the first page of google



more impressions within
6 months


more leads generated, equal to over 10x the money invested in the optimization



more followers within
6 months

The customer

greentech is a pioneer in the photovoltaic business. While others were still thinking about making energy cleaner, greentech was already on the market.

greentech is a fast growing company. They developed several branches so they could meet all the demands of their photovoltaic projects, from yield assessment to technical operation and commercial asset management.

They now have more than 100 employees operating in 10 countries, and have invaluable experience from working on over 400 photovoltaic projects.

They developed into a truely integrated specialist.

The collaboration –
a growing partnership

When greentech‘s management approached us in 2018, they were in search of a partner that could support their marketing activities in a broad range of ways. Starting with some website development, new projects came up quickly that were all meant to support their further growth and professionalization.

We have worked on projects in the following areas:

& Management

Brand appearance
& Content Marketing

Lead generation
& Sales Orientation

Rebranding &

Selection of Projects

Search Engine Optimization

greentech wanted to attract more potential customers organically with SEO instead of budget driven paid marketing measures.

1 / 6


  • We created unique landing pages for each new product
  • We optimized texts, images, file titles, and snippets etc. to be found as easy as possible by google
  • We intensely analyzed and integrated the most promising keywords in German and English
  • We set up a continuous improvement process


  • 11x more keywords in the top 10 ranking
  • 7x more keywords in the top 5 ranking
  • A 61% increase in impressions

USPs & Benefits

Clear communication of the selling propositions and benefits is crucial for a website to be successful.

2 / 6

This is why we developed a set of USPs and benefits for each of greentech’s 9 new branches, which:

  • Are relevant for the target audience
  • Differentiate from the competitors
  • Are quantifiable, and therefore trustworthy
  • Are graphically and textually catchy, and therefore easy to grasp

Lead Generation

greentech‘s goal was to generate more leads they can follow up on. To not waste the time of the sales team, these leads needed to be as qualified and promising as possible.

3 / 6

This is what we did:
  • Structure the content following the user’s thought journey using the defined USPs and benefits
  • Use activating language and images
  • Develop outstanding content elements (e.g. graphics & animations)
  • Implement a lead generation tool that redirects leads into different channels in order to only bring qualified leads to the sales team for follow up
  • In the first 6 months, greentech generated leads worth over 10x the money invested in the website optimization.

Graphics & Animations

A (moving) picture says a 1000 words! This is more true than ever as attention spans decline, even though our clients still need to get their message across.

4 / 6

This is what we did:

  • Identified the content that was difficult to understand because of its theoretical and/or technical nature
  • For these topics, we developed sales supporting 3D animations and graphical elements
  • This made greentech a pioneer amongst their competitors
  • We adapted existing graphical elements to match the Corporate Design guidelines

Blog & Social Media Strategy

Content Marketing plays an important role in positioning a company as expert and trustworthy, and therefore attractive to buy from. greentech already had a blog and a LinkedIn profile.

5 / 6

We supported greentech in embedding both the blog and profile with a coherent content strategy by:

  • Reworking the profile appearance
  • Creating editorial calendars for the blog (also for SEO purposes) and the social media channels to ensure rhythm and consistency
  • Developing themes & templates
  • Coaching the team members on how to create consistent content
  • Editing texts & images for the blog

As a result, greentech‘s follower count grew by 50% within 6 months.

Website Management

As online activities became more important and greentech’s website environment grew more complex, we started to provide full website management, including the following services:

6 / 6
This is what we did:
  • Hosting of the website & technical support
  • Implementation of change requests (mostly within 24-48 hours) & coaching greentech’s team if needed
  • Website maintenance & new impulses for changes
  • Acting as contact person for all departments’ questions
  • Data protection with the company in mind

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