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A next level appearance for the next level of business…

Repositioning a brand from innovative

Start-Upto  Professional Biotech Company

Some key results of our collaboration


weeks to go from nothing to a landing page that generates leads and sales

Quick Return

more leads generated, which is more than 10x the money invested in the optimization



more followers within
6 months

Brand Perception

Feedback shows that evorion is now perceived as a big, professional, and experienced biotech company

The customer

evorion is a young, science-driven, and highly innovative biotech company. It provides powerful tools and services that enable a new way of looking at cell-cell interactions, thereby helping major research breakthroughs to materialize.

evorion works with researchers and research institutions around the world who want to answer the most relevant biological questions in cancer and cell therapy research.

The challenge

After years of research and thorough product development, it was time for evorion to enter the market and make their hard work pay off. To appeal to the market and potential customers, a major shift in brand appearance was necessary.

The task was to reposition evorion from a small science laboratory start up to a company that must be taken seriously as a potential partner and supplier for even the largest global companies.

We have worked on projects in the following areas:


appearance &

Lead generation
& Sales

Rebranding &


Selection of Projects


To position evorion as a serious player in the market, we had to change their brand appearance and make sure that evorion always stands out from its competitors.

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So we:

  • Analyzed the market and competitors’ websites
  • Came to understand that we need to turn evorion‘s newness into an advantage by presenting them as young and fresh, but also serious and professional
  • Created a story around the product’s “CellCity” about cells living in a real city in order to put across the idea of the device and make people smile
  • Translated all of this into a new logo, set of colors, fonts, icons, graphics, and language
  • Developed a brand guide to enable evorion‘s team to follow through on a consistent appearance easily
  • Supported the rollout of the new branding by providing adapted brand relevant items like signatures, powerpoint templates, a letterhead, business cards, and print material, etc.



New advanced website

evorion‘s goal was to showcase all the characteristics of a professional, reliable, and innovative company in order to attract the right clients and investors. To appeal to people’s short attention spans, we needed to present the sophisticated technology in an understandable way:

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This is what we did:

  • Built a content architecture that anticipates the user’s thought journey and uses the defined USPs and benefits
  • Created motion designs to make it easier to understand evorion‘s technology
  • Created an explanatory video for both website and offsite use
  • Directed a top management Photo-Shoot for trustworthiness that matches the targeted brand appearance
  • Designed a set of unique icons
  • Integrated an easy to use lead-generation tool
  • evorion‘s top management were approached by large companies and investors, who all shared the unanimous view that evorion is a professional company and a worthy partner for collaboration

Top Management Consulting

As we knew how busy they were with product development and outreach, we made sure to support the top-management on a strategic, conceptual, and security level:

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This is what we did:
  • Marketing Strategy: Defining the USPs and key message. Segmenting the target groups
  • Digital Sales Concept: Analyzing the most promising and low-budget sales channels
  • Content Consulting: Helping identify the right content and the right way to display it (graphic, animation, text, etc.) to help the target group grasp the core benefits for their work
  • Storytelling: Transforming their product, “cell city” into an appealing story to tell with a catchy visual
  • IT-Security: Set-up IT security concepts, back-up concepts, and a stress-test for the IT infrastructure (penetration tests)

Active Sales Support

evorion had recently finished prototyping and needed support to both market their product and generate sales:

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  • We set-up an e-mail-campaign (incl. texts, call-to-action etc.) leading to a sales funnel on a special landing page
  • Coached the team members on best practices for making follow-up-phone calls
  • We set-up HubSpot as a CRM to track sales activities
  • evorion reached out to possible clients within 2.5 weeks under immense time pressure
  • Several leads were turned into sales
  • Both the many promising leads and the actual sales were especially important so soon after the sales launch

Content Marketing, Twitter & LinkedIn Strategy

To be a relevant player in the field, you need to take part in public discussion on social media and contribute to the discourse.

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This meant for us:
  • Reworking evorion’s profile appearance on linkedIn and twitter
  • Identifying the relevant topics evorion wants to address on their profiles
  • Creating editorial calendars for both channels to ensure rhythm and consistency
  • Developing themes & templates
  • Coaching the employees on how to create consistent content

As a result, evorion‘s followers grew by 50% within 6 months.

Sales supporting materials

Content Marketing plays an important role in positioning a company as expert and trustworthy, and therefore attractive to buy from. evorion already had a blog and a linkedIn profile.

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This is what we did:

  • 2 min. explanatory video (concept, text, graphics, implementation etc.)
  • Graphics & animations to transmit complex ideas easily
  • Company presentation (design, structure, texts, graphics, etc.)
  • Printed brochures to provide in-depth understanding of the product
  • Graphics & animations for the website
  • Industrial fair booth (concept, choice of counters, design, give aways, etc.)

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