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360 degree website & maintenance services to help you reach for the stars!

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With logotio rocket you benefit from one of the fastest servers available on earth!

Your website will be available in a fraction of a second from anywhere at anytime. You will have access to a revolutionary package of services that is normally only available to large companies.

more than

a website

Enabling small and medium sized companies to reach for the stars by accessing revolutionary enterprise solutions that are usually only available to corporations, and at a very reasonable price.

We at logotio always strive to ensure that your website outperforms your competition and generates new clients and revenue each and every day. 

To that end, we have integrated all our knowledge from the past 10 years on the big and small factors that make a website successful into logotio rocket – your companion on the pathway to success!

Some key metrics we are proud of

Page Score


Higher Google page score



Faster than our previous high speed server setup



Access points worldwide for equally fast loading times from the US, Europe, and Asia



Server uptime.
Never miss a single client.

Our success factors

High performance server

Out of all the things you don’t see when looking at a website, the server infrastructure is one of the most important. It influences so many different and important factors both directly and indirectly.

This is why we put so much emphasis on this topic; so we can provide you with one of the best server infrastructures
you can possibly get.

— Keep Scrolling

Better Google ranking

Google rewards fast loading websites with better rankings. Better rankings translate to higher visibility and, therefore, more clients.

Availability – 99.99 %

You think 99% uptime is acceptable? Think again!
1% downtime means your website is not available 3.6 days per year. This costs you both clients and your Google ranking.

High traffic resilience

If you manage to get featured in press, radio, or a shout out from an influencer, that’s amazing!
This is definitely not a good time to see “Website not available”! Our server can keep up with demand when you need it most.

Higher user satisfaction and interaction

Users are spoiled with websites like Amazon’s. The faster the website, the lower the leaving-the-website rate.

User experience is king – worldwide

If you have clients all around the world, they should get the same high-end experience as your neighbours. We will provide you with close to unique mirroring technology that makes your website available in a fraction of a second worldwide.


Oh no!
You didn’t mean to delete that page! Keep calm and give us a call whenever something goes wrong. With our daily back-ups, we can restore your website for free in no time.

Server and Security

Cyber security is about as exciting as accounting and watching paint dry for most people! It’s only when they have compromising pictures showing up on their website that they dig deeper into the topic to learn what they could have done to prevent it.

With logotio rocket, you can relax. We know all the dos, don’ts, nerd-stuff, and cyber-security-nitty-gritty required in order to keep your website safe.

— Keep Scrolling

Website updates

Unfortunately, the bad guys are always searching for a hole in the system. We update your website regularly and keep it to the highest security standard.

Server updates

If your website is your home, then the server is the city it lives in. We not only keep your home safe, but also regularly update the server to ensure a safe environment.

Data encryption

logotio rocket makes sure all the data that is entered on your website is encrypted, so nobody can take advantage of it.


You can think of a firewall as the moat around the city (server) your website lives in. It’s there to protect your site against unwanted intruders.

Free virus protection & removal

“In the very unlikely event of an emergency…” you don’t need invoices, you need action! We will remove any virus that manages to breach our defences for free.


If the server is your website’s home, your domain is it’s address. It’s where people can visit you, and logotio rocket takes care of the whole process.

Hassle free domain booking

If domain booking sounds complicated and you’ve never done it before – no problem!
We will take care of everything.

1500 domain extensions

With logotio rocket, you can chose from 1500 domain endings, including the fancy ones like .cool and .io.

Quality registrars

logotio rocket ensures that changes to your website are available worldwide within minutes rather than days.

Easy invoicing

As we take care of all the different third party services, we also invoice them to you on a regular logotio invoice.


Launching a new website is just the start of an exciting new phase in your business.

You now have a powerful tool to show off what you offer and what you’re up to at your disposal.

Our goal is to make it as easy and fun as possible for you and your team to fill the website with life and develop it further according to you and your customers’ needs.

— Keep Scrolling

Visual Feedback

Use our visual feedback tool on your website to submit change requests.

Never write an email explaining which part to change again!

Small changes on website included

Get peace of mind with our update service, and never postpone important changes again.
Small changes are included.

Central contact

If you have different departments working on and with the website at the same time, we will be happy to be the central contact person for any of their ideas and questions.

Easy to use and intuitive system

Based on market leader WordPress. Changing texts and images is as simple (or even easier) as working on PowerPoint. You will love it!

Monitoring & Maintenance

“Only what gets measured, gets managed” – this is also true for websites. To make a website successful, it is important to keep an eye on the key metrics and get notified quickly when a problem-fix or clean-up is necessary.

That’s why logotio rocket uses many different monitoring methods.

— Keep Scrolling

Real-time monitoring for server availability

logotio gets notified immediately in the 0.01 % of cases when there is an issue with the server. This allows us to fix it and make the assured uptime of 99.99 % a reality.


Our SEO-Control-Monitoring screens for issues concerning the different factors Google rates when ranking your website.

Google Search Console

This powerful, Google owned tool gives us insights if Google itself sees a problem with the website, so we can work on it.

Broken Link Tracking

Customers don’t like error pages! We get notified immediately when a link is broken, and we fix it as quickly as possible.


If you also have your e-mails with us, you benefit from our e-mail-performance monitoring service, which includes blacklist checking, an uptime checker, deliverability checks, and more.


Your website is not a one-way-street! You are not only providing information to your visitors – you can also learn about them.

On top of that, we have the tools to help you see if you are on track with your goals, and to dig deeper into the further optimization of your website if necessary.

User friendly traffic reporting

Take a look at how many visitors your website has, where they come from, and what pages are visited most.

Extended analytics

If you want to know more about how your visitors interact with your website, we can provide you with extended reports, like heat maps, which can reveal if visitors are missing something or if adjustments need to be made.

Virtual Sitemaps

If you want to dig deeper, we can provide you with a virtual sitemap. This will give you a graphical understanding of how the different pages of your website work together.

Permanent ranking monitoring

If you want to know how you rank on Google for the relevant keywords, get our keyword reporting service!


Finally, your website should be compliant with all the applicable laws. One of the most important things to note here is the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Although its goal is noble, the GDPR’s implementation is often a hustle because there is so much to consider and there’s an ever looming risk of a costly reprimand.

— Keep Scrolling

Integration of all legally necessary items

This is what website owners like least, and why we take care of cookie banners, privacy policies, etc.

Adjustments according to legal changes

We are aware of all legal changes and will implement them accordingly. Thus, your website will always be up-to-date in legal matters.


Interesting fact: we take responsibility for the accuracy of these things (like cookie banners). If you get a reprimand, we will pay the costs.

The right package for your needs.

logotio Sky

We are your trusted partner for everything you need to get started

99 USD

For up to 10 employees

Skyrocket your business:


250+ access point worldwide server network


Small changes to website included


Recurring server and website updates

Real time monitoring of server availability
Free virus protection & removal

Daily backups

GDPR Update Service + financial responsibility

logotio Space

We are your technical partner and monitor your online performance

249 USD

All the benefits of Sky, and:

Visual Feedback Tool for change requests


Technical SEO-Monitoring for 100+ metrics


SEO Reports for up to 10 predefined keywords


Google Search Console monitoring & free fixes


Broken Link Tracking & free fixes

Ongoing content management support
User friendly traffic reports

logotio Stars

We quickly scale your company’s business up and attract new clients

999 USD

All the benefits of Space, and:

Customer success manager


Guaranteed availability of 10 hours of monthly website development


Extended Analytics
(e.g. user journey analytics, heatmaps, session recordings, etc.)


SEO Reports for up to 50 predefined keywords


Visual sitemap of your website

Find your answers

Have some questions?
Find the answers here.

If you take care of everything, can I still edit my website?

Absolutely. You and your team will have full access to all the important parts of your website.

How many small changes are included?

There is no limit. It’s a fair-use solution to help you with the little things and take away the thought that every little change costs you something.

If we have feel like you overuse this feature, we will let you know, but this has never happened in all our years of working, so don’t worry.

If a client never uses this feature and asks for a big change a year later, we often do it for free to honor our saved time before. Sounds fair, right?

How long will our term of agreement be?

Forever! Once you have signed up, we will never let you go.

Just kidding, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

I need a specific feature as a company policy

Some clients have specific policies, like needing two backups a day instead of our regular one.

If you need something beyond our service, just send us a message and we will quickly let you know if we can meet your request.

What payment options do you provide?

We currently offer:

  • Credit Cards
  • ACH
  • SEPA
  • Paypal
Why is the Sky package only for up to 10 employees?

Bigger clients require a higher level of responsibility, faster reaction times, and often have more business going through their website. Therefore, the Space package is a good fit.

Our smaller clients usually have lower requirements, and we want to offer them a more budget-friendly solution to help them reach the stars!
A smaller rocket still flies very well, after all.